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How to Freeze Store-Made Cupcakes

Step 1

Remove any flowers, small figures or candies that may become ruined during freezing.

Step 2

Wrap each cupcake individually in foil. Start by bringing the foil upward and twisting closed the remaining foil at the top of the cupcake. Leave a small pouch of air near the top to prevent ruining the frosting. The foil helps seal in moisture and protects your cupcake from the dry freezer air.

Step 3

Insert cupcakes into a freezer-ready zip-seal plastic bag. The freezer-ready plastic bag offers another layer of protection and helps keep the cupcakes together. Label and date the freezer bag contents.

Step 4

Place the cupcakes along the side shelf of the freezer. The side freezer shelf shields your cupcakes from ice or other frozen items. Cupcakes are delicate and vulnerable to crushing under heavier frozen foods if you place them in the general freezer population.

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