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How to Hold a Successful Yard Sale


Step 1

Thoroughly clean everything you plan to put in your sale. The better an item’s appearance, the better the chance it will sell.

Step 2

If a toy or gadget uses batteries, place fresh batteries in it to demonstrate that the item works.

Step 3

Tape owner’s manuals to items that need them.

Step 4

Put price tags on all items. When people find an item they are interested in but it doesn’t have a price on it, some will put the item back and not ask how much it costs. Tagging increases your potential for sales. Smaller things can be grouped together in a box or container with a sign that says, “All items in this box are $1 each."

Step 5

Place as many items as you can on tables. When goods are placed on the ground, it gives the impression that they are junk, and you may not get as much for them. Placing items on tables also makes them more convenient for people to examine, thus increasing the chance of a sale.

Step 6

Place boards between tables, overlapping two inches of the boards on each table to secure them. This will increase the amount of display table space you have.

Step 7

Cover the boards and tables with tablecloths, blankets or clean sheets to make items displayed on them more presentable.

Step 8

Remove ugly pictures from nice frames if you want to sell the frame. People can visualize putting their own picture in a nice frame, but if it has an ugly picture in it or a picture that is in bad shape, it will reduce the chance of a frame sale.

Step 9

Park your car on the opposite side of the street. It will entice more interest in the sale, as people will want to stop and see what all the action is about. Ask you neighbor if he will park his car there, too.

Step 10

Open early. Many people who regularly shop yard sales hit the streets early in the morning. Prepare your tables and all your items well before the day of your sale, and have your tables up by 8 a.m. The earlier, the better.

Step 11

Advertise your sale. Place an ad in the classified section of the local newspaper. Place large signs a short distance from your home to safely alert drivers that a yard sale is ahead.

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