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Shut Up, I Love My Selfie Stick

Things are created for a reason. Someone sees an opening, and they come up with something to fill it. That is how the selfie stick was brought into the world.

At least that's how I imagined it all happened.

A selfie-stick, for those who don't know, is a long pole that attaches to your phone. It helps you take a picture of yourself that's not quite as close up as the typical selfie. It is genius really, but it looks ridiculous. Just like Spanx, the selfie stick was a much needed necessity in our selfie-taking world.

Selfies have taken over our media, social networks and our conversations. I even have to deal with my 7-year-olds asking to borrow my phone to take a selfie. Selfie sticks have created stars, saved marriages, helped you record your kids recital without standing up the whole time and simplified the process of getting your entire family in a single photo.

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Everyone seems to dismiss the selfie stick as a fad, but I believe its here to stay. Even President Obama is getting in on this picture-taking revolution.

Still, I was reluctant at first when I received a self stick as a present this Christmas. I opened the package, looked at my girlfriend and asked her, “Why, would you get me this? I wanted a GoPro." Being in my 40s, I still would like to keep any remaining coolness factor that I have left. This present screamed YOU ARE NOT COOL ANYMORE.

Although I was scared, I set it up anyway with my blue tooth. I quickly realized taking pictures couldn’t have been easier. Of course, my girlfriend was right once again. (But please don’t tell her that.) My mind changed: you can be cool and own a selfie stick.

The best part was that I was in the pictures. I couldn’t believe it. The angle the pictures are taken at also help keep you looking long and lean. You get to have the cheekbones that you often lose from bad photos. This selfie stick was about to change my life.

I immediately felt guilty for judging the tourists I saw in Beverly Hills using them all over Rodeo Drive. I had even tried to run one over. Thankfully, I controlled myself.

I couldn’t get over the fact that I was in the pictures with my entire family. Since I’m always the one taking the photos, I am often left out. But now it will all change.

It’s time I stick up for the selfie stick and recommend you buy one before they all sell out. Definitely go for one with the blue tooth connection, since it makes it easier to take the photo.

Don’t be afraid of what people will think. Defend your decision to friends who will think you jumped the shark. Use some of my one-liners:

1. Selfie sticks are a conversation piece. They will help in making new friends wherever you go. Like actual human contact.

2. Selfie sticks are here to stay. You can fight it all you want, the youth has spoken. They always win.

3. Selfie sticks can be used to fight off an attacker.

4. Selfie sticks can be used to hold your phone when you are tired.

5. Selfie sticks can be used to take a photo from a distance of that attractive parent at school.

6. Selfie sticks can be shared amongst friends.

7. Selfie sticks can take excellent group selfies.

8. Selfie sticks can be bejeweled.

9. Selfie sticks can fit into your carry-on suitcase.

10. Selfie sticks can be used to see what your neighbor is doing.

Let's get out there and create more selfies together.

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