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Candy Hearts Moms Can Actually Use

For kids, Valentine's Day means school parties, classmates' names painstakingly scrawled onto cartoon-character cards, and of course ... CANDY! No February goodie bag is complete without some classic conversation hearts. Since the kids are going to end up eating them anyway, we might as well put those chalky little candied phrases to work for us.

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The same is true for adults. Although we might not make glittery Valentine's for all our friends anymore, we're certainly not immune to the lure of holiday sweets. This month, you can probably count on your spouse crunching a few of these colorful confections, and while he's at it wouldn't it be nice if you could give him a few choice words to digest, so to speak?

Well, there's no more subtle way to send some "loving" messages to your family than with a few words printed on a little heart-shaped treat they were surely going to gobble up this time of year anyway. Think of all the tedious and uncomfortable interaction we could avoid—not to mention, it sure is a sweeter way to get your point across.

So, instead of the boring old LET'S KISS or U R SPECIAL we're all used to, I'd love to set out a bowl of sugarcoated conversation hearts that say things like these!

For the kids:

For your significant other:

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So, what did we forget? Any candy heart messages you'd like to serve up this Valentine's Day?

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