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8 Hilarious Valentine's Day Cards for Teens

Have you ever bought a Valentine’s Day card for a teen? It’s almost impossible, what with all the corny sayings about loving each other and so many words about “life journeys.” Everyone knows the way to a teen’s heart is with a healthy dose of sarcasm, a pack of gum and maybe a fart joke or two.

That’s why I decided to make my own. I left out the fart jokes since my girls don’t appreciate them, but I’m going to splurge for a pack of Trident or two to accompany their cards. After all, I’m not completely heartless.

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For every parent still trying to figure out the crazy math that happens when you give a teen $20 for a coffee and there’s no change. Ever.

We know no one actually eats those conversation hearts, so finally they’re making themselves useful.

Oh, parents on Facebook—you’re adorable. (Except when they’re your parents, then of course you must block them.)

Acronyms. Confounding parents since 1995.

One of these days scientists will explore the depths of my teen’s room and study all of the life forms existing in there. Until then, there’s air freshener.

Image via FreeImages

Sometimes you just have to get right to the point.

In case anyone isn’t clear about what goes through a mother’s head when a text message isn’t answered within five minutes.

Because we all know what they really want for Valentine’s Day. Now, if only I could make this a scratch n’ sniff card.

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