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Rotisserie Tools for Gas Grills

Electric Rotisserie

An electric rotisserie attachment turns the rotisseeries with a heavy-duty motor with a grounded cord and an "on and off" switch so you do not have to manually turn the spit. These types of sets can be attached to a gas grill, and the spits can be removed for cleaning. The motorized rotisserie results in increased control for even cooking. Universal attachments are included with most electric grill sets so that you can attach the electric spit to a gas grill up to 42 inches in width. Electric rotisserie sets typically include two durable rotisserie forks.

Rotisserie Basket

A rotisserie basket allows you to cook food without a skewer or spit attached to a gas grill. A rotisserie basket is ideal for vegetables, fish, shrimp, burgers and foods that do not hold together. Rotisserie baskets are designed so that you can control the basket's turning speed.

Remote Thermometer

A rotisserie remote thermometer allows you to know the precise temperature of food as it turns on the spit. Once you set the thermometer to the desired temperature at which you wish remove the meat, the receiver displays an alert when the desired temperature is reached. Most rotisserie remote thermometers include four meat presets and allow you to set your own specific temperatures. Remote thermometers clamp to the rotisserie handle and turn along with the handle.

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