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10 Unexpected Ways to Use Shredded Carrots

Carrots - the refrigerator staple that tends to be your go-to veggie. Unfortunately, it can be well, boring. Here are 10 unusual ways to infuse the softer, airier version of this carotene-rich veggie tastefully into your meals.

1. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Cook the carrots a little before preparing your sandwich – that way they’ll melt right into the bread and cheese. Try this Carrot and Cheddar Grilled Cheese, all you'll notice is the gorgeous color

2. Macaroni and Cheese

You’re already starting with an orange dish, and the shredded carrots will make it even orang-ier. If you add them to your noodles while they cook, they’ll soften up and blend right in. Give this crunchy bubbly, Carroty Mac and Cheese a try.

3. Omelets

You add plenty of other veggies to this staple breakfast item, so why not carrots? Stir-fry them first, on their own or with a few other veggies, for an "eggsperience" you won’t forget. This Carrot and Onion Omelet recipe is rustic and delish.

4. Oatmeal

Carrots are a nice alternative to fruit, and equally sweet! Try this Carrot Cake Oatmeal recipe.

5. Lasagna

Try combining the carrots with a dark green veggie like spinach or broccoli and using a white sauce for a healthier version of this Italian classic. This recipe is packed with veggies.

6. Pancakes

Carrot muffins, carrot cakes….why not carrot pancakes? They’ll turn your batter orange and make them especially popular with your kids. What could be more decadent than these Carrot Cake Pancakes with Maple Cream Cheese Drizzle?

7. Mashed Potatoes

This popular side dish will look – and taste – much more interesting with the addition of carrots. Try this recipe.

8. Pizza

Next time you’re tossing pepperoni or sausage onto your homemade pizza, throw some carrots and other veggies on there too. It’ll taste good, plus you’ll get bonus points by subverting some mom guilt. Or try this incredible Banh Mi pizza.

9. Quiche

Substitute carrots for spinach or mushrooms for a slightly sweet version of this classy dish. The gorgeous hue will earn you a gold star at brunch, lunch, or dinner with this Carrot Quiche recipe.

10. Potato Salad

Add a little color and crunch pizzazz to this barbecue favorite by throwing in some shredded carrots. Your family and friends will love you for it. This Potato Carrot Salad will take you straight to a party.

Image via Dula Notes

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