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How to Care for a Knife Block Set


Step 1

Wash your knives by hand. Never put an expensive cooking knife in the dishwasher, even on the top rack. High heat and harsh cleaners can damage the quality of the knife's blade and the handles. A hand wash with warm soapy water is all you need to clean your knives.

Step 2

Dry your knives immediately. Never leave your knives in the sink or let them sit wet after washing them. Water can cause rusting or create spots on your knives. Keep them looking their best by quickly washing and drying them after each use. Use a soft towel to dry them off completely.

Step 3

Use your knives in an appropriate manner. For example, always use a cutting board when working with your knives. Cut on a wooden or nylon board or something designated as a cutting surface. Never cut directly on a countertop. A blade can chip if the surface you are cutting on is too hard. Do not use your knives to cut things other than food. Each knife has an intended purpose; use it accordingly.

Step 4

Consider using a professional service to sharpen your knives. It is important to keep the knives sharp, or they will not work as effectively. A professional service can ensure that your knives are sharpened appropriately and safely. However, if you prefer to sharpen your knives at home, get an electric knife sharpener, and follow the directions carefully. You can easily damage your knives if you do not sharpen them properly.

Step 5

Clean the block itself. Remove all of the knives, and use a cleaner such as oil soap. Fill a bowl with water. Add a cap full of the cleaner, and use a soft rag to wipe the block. Do not submerge the block itself; simply wipe it down with the soft towel.

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