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How to Hang Dried Herbs


Step 1

Harvest your plants early in the morning. Cut them above the lower leaves to allow harvesting the same plant stems several times. Choose a method to dry the herbs.

Step 2

Find a warm, airy place in your home to use as a hanging room -- the kitchen is perfect if you have the room and the herbs won't get in the way, but a laundry room or sunroom will also work well. Tie the ends of the herbs with string and hang them upside down by tying the string to any convenient nail, handle, hinge or hook.

Step 3

Tie a small, perforated paper bag around herbs with seed heads, such as coriander, dill and parsley. Hang the bag and allow them to completely dry before use.

Step 4

Clean an old window screen. Separate the herbs and slip the stems into the screen. Stand the window up to allow the air to flow on both sides.

Step 5

Place several nails into a board. Attach the board to the ceiling with hooks. Tie the ends of the herbs with twine and hang them upside down.

Step 6

Repurpose a stemware holder. Tie the plant string around the bars of the rack and allow the plants to hang upside down.

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