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Maternity Fashion Life Savers

This is the end of my third pregnancy, which means I’ve spent some two years of my life wearing maternity clothing (the only great thing about the early weeks of pregnancy is that, if you have to spend every day throwing up, at least you are able to wear regular clothing still for a few more weeks).

I look back at pictures from my first pregnancy and think, “How frumpy was I?!” but I think I’ve gotten a little better at dressing for the subsequent two pregnancies.

What I Loved:

1. A GREAT pair of maternity jeans. I am really cheap, and my favorite non-maternity jeans cost less than $20, but this pregnancy I splurged on a pair of designer maternity jeans and I have loved every minute of them. I wore them from the middle of my second trimester all the way up until my due date and definitely got a ton of wear out of them. I own four or five other pairs of much-less expensive maternity jeans and they just aren’t the same. I might have to have another baby just to be able to wear them another round!

2. Long shirts. You know how at the beginning of your pregnancy, you hold up a shirt and think “well, I will never be this big!” and then halfway through the third trimester, that shirt doesn’t even come close to covering your belly. A shirt that is long enough to keep you covered all the way to the delivery room is heaven sent!

3. Leather leggings. I’m not much of a legging wearer, but I’ve loved my leather ones while I’ve been pregnant because they are both super comfortable and give me a little edge which I need when I’m gaining weight by the day! Try these from Hatch.

4. A drapey sweater. Open front cardigans are hugely popular this year, and happily they are great for keeping your belly from being the star of the show. Try this flowy one from BumpStart.

5. A structured jacket. Since maternity clothing usually involves so much stretchy clothing, it’s nice to have something with some shape of its own. I had a trench coat and a leather jacket that both kept me feeling put together even when I was wearing elastic waistbands. We love this jacket from Madison Marcus.

What I Skipped:

A Belly Band. I know some people SWEAR by these, but I find having one more thing to adjust is just too irritating. I already spend all my time pulling my pants up and my shirts down.

Short dresses. After a few months, I feel like a dress that’s knee-length or shorter just makes me look like a gigantic lump. A maxi dress looks a lot better because it gives you a nice long line, but cutting off your legs at the knee of higher with the dress coming out from your huge belly just is a recipe for frumpy. If I did wear a shorter dress, I opted for ones that were fairly form fitting around my belly, rather than flaring out under it.

Jokey t-shirts. I already feel so noticeably pregnant (I’m to the point where no one is uncomfortable asking when I’m due) that I don’t need my clothing to announce it too. No “loading” t-shirts or other pregnancy jokes splashed across my midsection, thank you.

Cap sleeves. I don’t gain a lot of weight in places other than my stomach (for which I’m super grateful!), but I still am enough thicker than normal that cap sleeves make my arms feel thick and just look pretty unflattering. I’ll opt for elbow length sleeves every time - they make your arms look slim instead of chunky - or if I do wear something with cap sleeves, it’s under a jacket or sweater.

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