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Assorted Wine Gifts


A wine lover would never turn down a bottle of wine. Perhaps it's an obvious gift choice, but choosing a bottle may be more difficult than initially thought. Take into account the personality of the recipient. Do not buy a chardonnay for someone who doesn't drink white wine. Likewise, do not buy a merlot for someone who drinks whites. Price doesn't have to be an issue, as it is possible to find a good wine in the range of $10 to $20. Consider the occasion as well. For a birthday or other celebration, a bottle of sparkling wine might be appropriate.

Make it Taste Better!

Accessories that enhance the flavor of wine are available in various price ranges. Wine aerators, which are made in many styles, expand the surface of the wine. This forces the air to circulate through it, softening tannins and smoothing the flavor of younger wines. Decanters, carafes and funnels also allow the wine to breath, resulting in a better-tasting wine. Red wine connoisseurs know that for the best taste, the drinking temperature of most reds should be between 62 and 65 degrees F. White wines are most palatable at 52 to 61 degrees F. To ensure that there is never any doubt, consider buying a wine thermometer as a gift.


A good bottle of wine tastes even better when it's poured into an appropriate wine glass. Stemware can make a large difference in the taste of the wine. Red wines are better served in large glasses that allow for more aeration and depth of aroma. Thin glasses with a smaller rim are better for white wines and sparkling varieties. Glassware is available in a variety of styles, shapes and price ranges. There are even glasses made from recycled materials and many one-of-a-kind styles. Stemware is sold individually and in sets, simplifying the gift-giving process.

Wine Storage

No wine collector should be without proper storage for their bottles. For wines that are intended to be consumed soon, all that is necessary is a wine rack of any design. Wine racks come in all styles and price ranges, making them a common gift choice for wine lovers. For those with a larger budget, a wine bottle cooler, chiller or wine fridge is ideal. These, while often expensive, will keep wine at the proper temperature for long-term storage. The next best thing to a wine cellar would be a wine cabinet, which keeps wine at the proper temperature and humidity level, and offers protection from wine-harming light.

Wine Baskets

Wine basket options are as unlimited as the imagination. Baskets of wine-related items can be purchased at various price points at numerous retailers. It's also simple to put one together with handpicked items. Done this way, the giver can personalize the gift for the recipient and combine a favorite wine with favorite cheeses and other wine-related accessories that fit the receiver's personality. Finish the basket with corkscrews, stemware, decorative stoppers and vacuum pumps, and biscuits or crackers. Personalize wine baskets for special celebrations. Wedding or Valentine's Day gift baskets could include champagne flutes, sparkling wine and fruit. A holiday basket could include seasonal wines.

Wine Club Memberships

A fun way to introduce people to new wines is by giving a gift membership to a wine club. These are available either online or off and they offer competitive pricing, delivery right to your door and wines that are tailored specifically to the receiver's preferences. Clubs offer wines from all over the world. While some send wine monthly, others let the receiver choose how often to receive a delivery. There are also wine clubs that deliver quarterly or twice a year. Memberships are available for all budgets.

Wine Accessories

Wine-preservation tools are relatively inexpensive and can extend the life of a bottle of wine. They come in various designs, including vacuum pumps, gas-injection systems, bottle stoppers and tap heads. Without a corkscrew, it's impossible to open a bottle of wine. They're available in all price points and come in waiter, lever, twist and pump styles. Wine chillers keep bottles at the perfect serving temperature. They come in varied colors and motifs, making it simple to find one suitable for even the most picky person.

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