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Suggestions for Planning a Family Camping Meal

Get Everyone Involved

Children can be great at keeping parents on their toes. Have them help in planning the menu so that they will be excited to be a part of the meal-planning process. Pack some of their favorite things to ensure that they will be eating well and getting plenty of nourishment while away from home. Travel with extra helpings of fresh fruit, protein bars, rice cakes or beef jerky to keep the munchies at bay.

Travel Prepared

Before the tent and sleeping bags are dusted off, it's imperative to have a plan set for each and every meal. When trekking into the woods, you could discover that the nearest store is 30 miles away. Meanwhile, meals can take longer to prepare being away from the resources of the home kitchen. Cut down on what has to be done by packing a precooked or pre-made meal so that no cooking is required the first night. This way, you won't be under the gun while getting the tent and campsite organized.

Be Safe

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and few would argue that the smell of breakfast cooking over the fire and coffee steeping over the hot coals sets a positive tone. Bring an ice-packed cooler to store the perishable goods like eggs, bacon, cream cheese or milk. Kitchen safety dictates that 35 degrees is the safest temperature to keep these items. Keep plenty of ice on hand to do just that.

Keep Things Simple

The reason for going on vacation is to find some peace and relax. Keeping meals simple can eliminate the everyday stresses we look to avoid. Hot dogs are a common favorite, but it's just as easy to whip up a healthy soup using nonperishable items like beef jerky and onion soup.

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