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How to Cut a Tenderloin


Step 1

Pat-dry the tenderloin with paper towels. Most meat is wet when you take it out of the package, making it difficult to cut.

Step 2

Cut the large end or head section of the tenderloin from the rest of the meat. The head is normally used to make roasts or steaks. The head can be cut into smaller pieces or cubes for grilling or stewing.

Step 3

Cut the middle or center portion (called the Chateaubriand) away from the small end or tail of the tenderloin.

Step 4

Cut the center portion into evenly measured thicknesses. This part of the tenderloin is used to make filet mignon.

Step 5

Cut the tail section into smaller steaks. Cut any pieces too small to be used as steak into strips or cubes; use them for stews and stir fry recipes.

Step 6

Chop remaining scraps into cubes or strips for later use.

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