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How to Create a Fruit Bouquet


Step 1

Select fruits that are somewhat solid and can withstand exposure to air for a period of time. Ideal fruits include strawberries, grapes, cut melons and pineapples. Avoid drippy fruits such as peaches or plums, and fruits that brown with oxidation such as apples or pears.

Step 2

Rinse the fruit under cold running water to wash it thoroughly.

Step 3

Cut the melons into crescent shapes or balls, or use cookie cutters to cut out flower or star-shaped pieces. Do not cut strawberries and grapes.

Step 4

Place a large clump of salt dough or modeling clay into the base of a flower pot or vase. Use any type of pot that is not transparent. The dough acts as an object to stick the skewers into as well as a weight to keep the top-heavy fruit from knocking over the vase.

Step 5

Skewer each fruit with a wooden skewer just enough to attach it -- do not push the skewer all the way through the fruit. Thread grapes onto skewers in a chain of three to five per skewer.

Step 6

Place a large leaf of “fluffy” lettuce on top of the modeling clay so that it just slightly peaks and pours over the top edge of the vase or pot.

Step 7

Stick the skewers into the clay one by one, starting at center top. Press each skewer further into the clay as you move away from the center to create a downward slope. Rest the last row of fruits directly on the rim to cover the entire inside of the pot from view.

Step 8

Add specialty items. For example, dip strawberries, grapes, bananas and apples in chocolate and allow the coating to harden before sticking into the bouquet. Attach other items, such as marshmallows and small cookies, to skewers and stick them among the fruit skewers.

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