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Hollywood Mogul Insists on All-Vegan School Lunches

Photograph by Rex / Rex USA

In 2006, James Cameron's wife, Suzy Amis Cameron, opened the MUSE School, a private non-profit school for preschoolers through high school. The school has grown and evolved over the years. The next big step was unveiled this week: no more meat, no more dairy, no more nothing that came from (or was part of something that came from) a mom.

Suzy Amis Cameron teamed with her sister Rebecca Amis to launch the MUSE School in 2006. The nonprofit educates children from age 2 through high school on two campuses. The Calabasas, Calif., school prioritizes its commitment to human ecology. So the move to vegan lunches isn't really a surprise.

The couple are kind of defensive about the term "vegan," though, preferring to use "plant-based." James Cameron told the Hollywood Reporter, "It's about raising kids who don't think it's strange or exotic or worthy of a pat on the back to be doing the right thing for the living biosphere."

Easy for someone who invents alternative worlds for the big screen to say.

The school already offers snacks and lunches. They provide treats for birthdays and other special celebrations, too. But now none of it will have butter or cheese or honey.

The food is included in the price of tuition, which this year starts at $18K for full-time preschool, $20K for kindergarten, $23K for elementary, $25K for middle school and and $28K for high school. That better be some pretty tasty almond butter and Craisin ants on a log.

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