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How to Try New Spices


Step 1

Look in your favorite cookbook for a herb and spice guide to learn which spices are typically used in savory dishes and which are favored for sweets.

Step 2

Sprinkle a small amount of spice on 1/2 tbsp. of softened butter and mix them together. Allow the mixture to set for at least 60 minutes, then spread the butter on a plain cracker and eat it. Let the spice linger on your palate to get the full effect of the flavor.

Step 3

Add a small amount of only one new spice at a time to a favorite recipe until you are certain it enhances the flavors. Keep notes on recipe cards to remember, for instance, how much anise you added to a familiar cookie recipe and what the result was.

Step 4

Flavor soups and stews with a new spice by placing a few generous spoonfuls of the soup into a bowl. Add a light pinch of the spice and allow the soup to cool for about 10 minutes. Taste the mixture and add spice to the entire batch accordingly.

Step 5

Vary the amount of spice you experiment with based on the form of the product. Whole spices, such as peppercorns, add the biggest flavor punch, and dried spices have a stronger flavor than fresh ones.

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