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How to Chop Fresh Tomatoes


Step 1

Hold the tomato on its side on a sturdy surface. Insert the end of a sharp paring knife 1 inch into the tomato just outside of the core. Rotate the tomato as you cut around the core to remove it from the tomato.

Step 2

Place the top of the tomato, where you removed the core, down onto a cutting board if it is a seedless variety. If the tomato contains seeds, slice it in half, and then lay the cut side down onto a cutting board. Cut the tomato into parallel slices to your desired thickness. Slices that are 1/4 to 1/2 inch are ideal for chopping tomatoes.

Step 3

Set the end pieces of the tomato off to the side. Stack one tomato slice on top of another. Cut the stacked tomatoes into strips that are no wider than 1/2 inch. Rotate the strips and cut them crosswise to make cubes.

Step 4

Stack the end pieces on top of each other with the skin side facing down. Cut these into 1/2-inch strips to create chopped cubes.

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