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5 Ways To Get Picky Eaters To Love Avocados

I am determined to have my toddler love avocados. How she managed to get past those infant months without enjoying it is beyond me but it is my sole mission in life to have her love this nutrient rich fruit. Parents of picky eaters know the struggle of trying to get good healthy foods in your little ones’ tummies. Call me crazy but I am absolutely okay with deceiving my child when it comes to getting her to eat tasty and healthy meals. And so, check out 5 ways that I’ve tricked her into eating avocados .

Tossed it in a smoothie

Most kids love slurping sweet beverages so getting them to drink one that includes avocado won’t be too difficult. If your kid is like mine, you’ll really have to conceal the green of the avocado well. For whatever reason seeing the color green freaks some kids out. A few pieces of a fresh avocado blended with almond milk, strawberries and bananas make for such a delicious and nutritious treat. Whenever I make this, she always comes back for more and I’m totally okay with giving it to her because...avocados!

And since we’re talking about beverages, remind me to tell you about avocado margaritas. You know...for after the kids go to bed.

Slathered on toast or on a sandwich

For the kids that aren’t afraid of the color green in their food (lucky you…), try spreading avocado over a piece of toast. Make it fun by using cookie cutters and turning the toast into fun shapes. This doesn’t work for my babe but I can hide a shmear of avocado INSIDE a sandwich. This is perfect for sandwiches or even a way to enjoy a crusty roll.

Speaking of rolls, toastadas anyone?

Mixed in a Stew/Soup

Appropriate during those cooler months, thickening your soup with avocado is not only incredibly tasty but it’s just another way to hide that power food. My daughter absolutely gets a kick out of black bean soup. So a bowl of black bean soup with avocado hidden in the deep black ocean of legumes and topped off with dairy-free cheese makes for an epic dish and a very happy toddler...and mama!

Avocado Chocolate Pudding

I realize how this may sound, but hear me out for a second. Virtually everyone loves chocolate, right? Whipping up vegan avocado chocolate pudding couldn’t be easier and it is such a hit among all young eaters...even the picky ones! Whip up chopped avocados, coconut oil, vegan cocoa powder and a touch of sweetness from honey and you’ve got such a delicious treat. My daughter loves this so much and I enjoy watching her stuff her face with what she THINKS is chocolate pudding but is really chocolate favored avocados. Bwahahaaa!!

Avocado muffins

Okay, hear me out before you start giving me a side eye. As much as I love avocados, I too didn’t see the appeal of them in a muffin. I came across this recipe and my mind was blown. Why didn’t I think of this? The best part is, you can substitute all of the ingredients for gluten-free and dairy-free items should you need to. These do have a strong hint of avocado but even my avocado hating husband was able to get down on these.

Now that you’ve discovered some ways to hide avocados, go forth and be great, mamas!

Image via Baby Foode

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