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Coconut Oil: Nature's Cure-All

The world is obsessed with coconut oil. What’s so fab about it? Well...it can help soothe and heal almost EVERYTHING! From soothing the sore nipples of nursing mamas to gently moisturizing tresses, coconut oil should be an absolute staple in everyone’s household.

Cooking with it

The other day we ran out of olive oil and I was all set to quit preparing dinner (haha, I wish) until I realized that I could use coconut oil. This magic oil adds such a nice and mellow nutty flavor to anything that you’re cooking. Also, a little bit goes a LONG way.

Putting it in oatmeal

Looking to boost that boring bowl of oatmeal? Add coconut oil to it for a nice little kick.

Using it to massage and moisturize scalp and hair

For guys and girls with dry hair, coconut oil does an excellent job at moisturizing. This is especially true for little ones with kinky and curly hair. It works nicely on wet and dry hair and I love using it in recipes for homemade deep conditioners.

Using it in smoothies

Thanks to its antimicrobial lipids, adding just a bit of coconut oil in your smoothie can help your immune system fight a cold. We like using it weekly just for a nice boost of immunity.

To help soothe sore nipples

As a former exclusively pumping mom, my poor nipples went through the fire and back when it came to nursing. Coconut oil saved me as slathering it on after each pumping session helped heal my nipples much faster. It also smelled a thousand times better than lanolin.

Using it as a massage oil

Have the kids finally gone to bed? Pull out some coconut oil and take turns receiving and giving massages. Coconut oil makes such an incredible massaging agent.

As a diaper cream

Like many new moms, I spent a lot of money on diaper rash creams when all along I could have used coconut oil for mild rashes. It helps soothe baby’s skin and is perfectly safe to use.

As an all over body moisturizer

Swap your lotion for coconut oil and brace yourself for how smooth your skin will be. Also, if you aren’t a fan of the nutty smell, do know that the smell dissipates. If you’re a fan of essential oils, you can add a few to coconut oil and make your own homemade body moisturizer.

For healing cradle cap

Some babies have cradle cap worse than others but for small cases, I found coconut oil to be perfect for my daughters’ dry patches. I would rub just a little bit a day across her tiny head.

Using it as a makeup remover

Unlike many makeup removers, swiping coconut oil over your eyes won’t result in any kind of burning or irritation. Not only are you removing the makeup, but you are also nourishing your skin, as well.

Makes for a great moisturizer in homemade scrubs

If you like at-home pampering, try adding coconut oil to a scoop of brown sugar or salt. The mildly abrasive base makes for a fantastic scrub that can be used on the face, body and especially the feet.

What is your favorite way to use coconut oil?

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