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How to Serve Funnel Cake


Step 1

Place each funnel cake onto a plate, laying each cake so that the flattest side is on the bottom of the plate. Depending on the shape of the funnel cake, this might result in the cake being a high mound on the plate.

Step 2

Apply the topping or toppings of your choice to each of your funnel cakes. In general, you should apply any toppings that you want to melt before any ingredients that do not need to get hot. Toppings that work well for funnel cakes include powdered sugar, grated chocolate, sliced fresh fruit, jam, honey, ice cream and caramel sauce. Stick with one plain topping on each funnel cake, or mix several, such as strawberries, powdered sugar and caramel sauce.

Step 3

Serve a funnel cake to each of your guests, along with a knife and fork; depending on what toppings have been used, eating funnel cake can be a messy process. Eating a plain or powdered sugar-coated funnel cake with your hands is easy, but a cake with ice cream or caramel sauce almost always requires utensils.

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