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Peeps Milk Is Now a Thing

Want your kids running in circles and bouncing off the walls? Then be sure to offer them a cold glass of Peeps milk, a new drink paying homage to the marshmallow candy company whose colorful, sugary edibles dominate our Easter baskets.

Introduced by Prairie Farms, the beverage comes in three flavors: Marshmallow Milk, Chocolate Marshmallow Milk and Easter Egg Nog. So far, it's only available in the Midwest.

As reported in USA Today, the Peeps-flavored milk doesn't stack up against whole milk. When one cup of Prairie Farms regular whole milk was compared to the same amount of the chocolate marshmallow Peeps bevy, the results were ... gross.

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"The Peeps-flavored milk is packed with more than three times the amount of sugar a serving of regular Prairie Farms whole milk has, clocking in at 37 grams per cup," according to USA Today. "A serving of whole milk contains 11 grams of sugar. For comparison, a 12-oz bottle of Coca-Cola contains 39 grams of sugar."

The news outlet added, "Peeps milk also has more than twice as much sodium — 320 mg per cup compared to 120 mg for a cup of the brand's whole milk."

Why oh why does such a product have a space on the shelves at grocery stores? Because it's potentially profitable, obviously.

"Creating a line of flavors that joins the two strong brands was an obvious choice," Prairie Farms said in a statement.

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Image via Prairie Farms

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