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How to Freeze Soups in Baggies


Step 1

Prepare and cook your soup recipe. Allow it to cool before you begin the bagging process.

Step 2

Select heavy-duty zipper-type freezer bags. Open the number of bags you think you will need for the soup.

Step 3

Fold over the top of the bags 1 or 2 inches. This will allow you to avoid filling the zipper portion with soup ingredients, which could keep the bag from closing properly.

Step 4

Set the open bag into a bowl slightly larger than the bag.

Step 5

Ladle the soup into the bag in the desired amount.

Step 6

Unfold the top of the bag and seal the zipper, pressing out as much excess air as possible from the bag during the process.

Step 7

Label the bag with the date and contents. Lay the bag flat on a freezer shelf and allow it to freeze.

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