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How to Freeze Sweet Corn for Baking


Step 1

Shuck the corn by pulling the husks down and breaking them off at the base of the cob. Run the corn under cool water and use a vegetable brush to gently scrub away as much of the silk as you can.

Step 2

Place the husked corn into a large pot filled with boiling water and boil for four to six minutes.

Step 3

Remove the corn from the boiling water and and immediately place into a large bowl filled with ice water. Leave the corn in the water to cool for four to six minutes.

Step 4

Pour the corn into a large colander and let it drain well.

Step 5

Hold the stem of the corn and stand it in a large bowl. Then run a sharp knife down the sides of the corn to cut the kernels off the cob at two-thirds their depth.

Step 6

Spoon the corn into zip-lock freezer bags and remove as much air as possible before sealing. Use a permanent marker to write the date on the bag.

Step 7

Place the bags of corn in your freezer.

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