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The App That Turned Me Passive-Aggressive

I love social media, don't get me wrong. But lately I have noticed that it has become a place more for ranting and less for sharing.

The so-called "trolls" lurk and leave rude comments. They create drama by bringing negativity to every topic, and they trash other people's ideas and likes.

I see it every day and, frankly, I think it is the practice of cowards. Hiding behind a screen and dissing others can probably be one of the easiest things to do. Seems like there is no accountability, there is an immediate response that creates debate and a "heated" exchange with the outside world without fearing the consequences. It is the perfect place for bullies to create communities with a false sense of brother/sisterhood, where they can get the much-needed attention they crave.

So what about the rest of us?

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What about the ones who share interesting ideas that can spark conversations with the sole intention of learning different perspectives? What about the moms, bloggers, travelers or pop culture fans who want to find people who share common likes or interest? Not everyone uses the internet to hurt others. Some of us use it to grow and communicate with those who otherwise would be out of range. Nevertheless, there are times that I have used social media to share my personal feelings—most in a cryptic way—and vent a little about a particular situation.

This is how I noticed that somehow Twitter turned me into a passive-aggressive person.

Twitter has become my BFF. Not because I have so many followers with whom I share my life and situations, but because it has turned into a place to release some of the dark energy that I don't want at home. I can complain about something that is bothering me, an annoying email I received or throw a sarcastic comment without hurting anyone's feelings.

I don't use Twitter to bring up discussions or talk abut anyone, except myself. It is like a personal diary of all my favorite things, frustrations, desires, worries and ironies with a sarcastic humor. It is beyond passive-aggressive, but it has allowed me avoid an unnecessary argument, or a smart (read: impulsive) reply.

This is not a common practice for my account. Most of the time I just share fashion trends, beauty tips or my latest articles. However, it has become a go-to for me when I need some peace of mind.

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As a mom, I barely get any time to talk to grown ups, much less have romantic nights out. That is why it is playing a positive role in my life. It has given me a space where I can freely share my thoughts, find other moms that are going through some of the same issues, get lifestyle advice and even network with brands. Sharing a little bit about myself has opened the doors of healing, increased my patience levels and helped me put things in perspective before rushing into taking actions.

So, if you need a listening ear, you know where to find me.

Image via Twenty20/Suraya_M

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