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How to Create a Blended Green Eye Look

Step 1

Pat eye primer on clean eyelids with your fingers.

Step 2

Use a shadow brush to apply a vibrant green cream eye shadow to your eyelids.

Step 3

Use a medium blending brush to apply a forest green eye shadow on top of the green base and then blend the color in. Blend evenly, sweeping the brush back and forth until the colors are one.

Step 4

Apply a second coating of forest green to the outer corners of the eye and sweep it in toward the crease with a blending brush.

Step 5

Use a flat shadow brush to pat mud green eye shadow on top of the forest green on the lids, not the outer corners. Do not blend this color.

Step 6

Use a flat liner brush to apply a pearl white eye pigment to the inner corners of the eye and pat it once with your finger to make it look less bold.

Step 7

Use the same liner brush to apply an aquamarine eye pigment over the pearl white and tap it once again.

Step 8

Line the outer corners of your eyes with black eyeliner.

Step 9

Apply black mascara to your eyelashes. The mascara should be one that lifts the lashes as well as plumps them for this look to be complete.

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