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10 April Fools' Pranks to Pull on Your Kids

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Whether you love April Fools' Day or hate it, there's something irresistible about a timeless, classic prank. Meant to be silly and not at all mean-spirited, a good old-fashioned April Fools' joke is almost always good for a laugh—especially when it's kid-friendly!

But you have to start pranking your kids while they're young, before friends and life experience and hilarious practical joke Internet videos completely ruin the element of surprise.

Come on, haven't your kids done some ridiculous things? Snuck a rubber snake into your purse to scare you? Told you they got straight F's on their report card in the hopes of freaking you out? Lost a tooth and claimed they swallowed it? Touched you with a suspiciously wet hand and said they forgot to wash up after a trip to the bathroom?

I thought so.

You need revenge.

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Here are 10 simple April Fools' pranks you can pull on your kids—some that might seem familiar and some that might be new—along with the pros and cons of attempting each. You could even try to trick your spouse, but keep in mind that they might be into revenge, too.

1. Super Soaker

Put rubber bands around the handle of your sink sprayer nozzle so it's automatically in spray mode. Make sure it's pointing out, and the next person to turn on the faucet gets doused!

PRO: Spraying water everywhere might end up getting a few nearby kitchen surfaces clean-ish.

CON: Good luck getting your kids to ever wash their hands again.

2. Mighty Minty Cookies

Take some Oreos apart, scrape out the crème filling (better go ahead and eat it so there's no evidence!), replace it with white mint toothpaste, and reassemble the cookies. If this sounds like it might taste halfway decent, believe me, IT DOES NOT.

PRO: Might make the kids wary of eating your cookies in the future!

CON: Might also make them wary of brushing their teeth.

3. Tissue Toes

Ball up some tissues and stuff them in the toes of their shoes; see how long it takes them to figure out why they suddenly don't fit.

PRO: If you pull this prank, it means you actually know where a pair of your kid's shoes are! Congrats!

CON: If you pull this prank, it means you actually have to put your hand inside your kid's smelly shoes.

4. Caramel Onions

Did you know if you jab a stick into an onion and dip it into melted caramel, it looks exactly like a caramel apple? You do now, but I bet your kids don't—until they take a bite!

PRO: Yay, they ate a vegetable!

CON: Admittedly, this is kind of a waste of perfectly delicious caramel.

5. Noisy Entrance

Set up an air horn behind a door so that when it's opened, the doorknob presses the trigger and blasts the entire neighborhood with a 150-decibel surprise.

PRO: It'll blow out your eardrums, too, so you won't be able to hear them complain about the prank.

CON: Now they'll really never take you seriously when you want them to be quiet.

6. REALLY Cold Cold Cereal

Fill a bowl with water and stick it in the freezer. The morning of April 1st, pour enough of their favorite cereal in the bowl to cover the top of the ice, and giggle as they try to dig in.

PRO: Bent spoons are a great way to justify buying new silverware.

CON: They'll probably guilt you into cooking them a hot breakfast to make up for the trick.

7. Balloon Pit

Fill your kid's room with balloons while they're at school. Close the door and be ready to record their reaction when they get home.

PRO: Festive!

CON: You'll probably hyperventilate way before your kid gets off the school bus.

8. Overnight Switch-a-roo

While your kids are sleeping, ever-so-gently pick them up and put them in each other's beds. Make sure you're there when they wake up so you can witness the looks on their faces!

PRO: If you can pull this off, being a stealthy Tooth Fairy should be a breeze.

CON: They might get paranoid about waking up in an unfamiliar place—as if you didn't already have enough trouble getting them to sleep.

9. Cheesy Breakfast Trick

In a clear pitcher, mix water with a packet of powdered cheese from a box of macaroni and cheese. At breakfast, offer the kids some refreshing "orange juice."

PRO: Hey, hydration is hydration.

CON: That box of mac and cheese was probably the only thing in the house they would have willingly eaten.

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10. Potty Humor

Lift the toilet seat, cover the bowl with plastic wrap, lower the seat, and wait for your unsuspecting victim to sit down and get splashed with their own pee.

PRO: Every kid appreciates toilet humor!

CON: You'll have to clean a disgusting mess in your bathroom. OH WAIT, you were already going to have do that anyway.

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