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10 Things Every Parent Thinks When Their Kid Is Sick

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I'm currently residing in that mom circle of hell known as stomach bug and influenza season—the one where you think it's over but you're really just getting started, the one that runs through the kids one last time just for good measure.

Any mom knows how it's like to get sick of having sick kids for an entire season. Let me just give a tired "Amen" to us all. And maybe we can also laugh a little at these 10 thoughts we've all had along the way.

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1. Oh, we'll just pop a few vitamins and fight this off

A mom can dream, right? Something tells me those gummy vitamins maybe weren't the best choice after all…

2. Would this dose of Tylenol get them through the school day?

No, no, no. That would just be wrong. But then again … no, that would be wrong.

3. Guilt-free screen time is kind of nice

It's bad to kind of enjoy having sick kids, right? No fighting, asking me for snacks, or screaming. Just silence and endless rounds of Netflix. This is almost like a vacation.

If I were President, my first task would be to make sure that every mother on earth got 10 sick days a year.

4. I'll just let this sickness run its course, we don't need antibiotics

Oh, look at that, the kids all have double eye, double ear, double sinus (is that a thing?) infections. Fabulous. I wonder if there is an essential oil for that…?

5. When you're getting ready for the doctor's…

Hurry, let's comb your hair and brush your teeth so the doctor doesn't think I'm a neglectful mother!

6. OMG, Is it Ebola?

What is that rash?! Don't Google it, don't Google it. OK, I have to look. OMG are we all getting Ebola??

7. Oh, look at that, now my husband is sick

Great, now I have an extra baby to deal with . How nice he gets a sick day to lay around and watch TV. That never happens when I'm the sick one. Hmmphh.

8. I will not get sick. I will not get sick

Is it possible to avoid the stomach flu through sheer force of will? I don't feel nauseous, I am fine, I am fine. OMG, is that food I smell?

9. Wow, I'm so glad I kept that ice cream container for a barf bucket

Grandma was a genius to always keep those things.

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10. Moms deserve sick days, dang it

If I were President, my first task would be to make sure that every mother on earth got 10 sick days a year that she could actually cash in and use when she was sick. Why has no one done this yet?!

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