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6 Clever Ways to Upcycle Baby Clothes

It doesn't matter if you've spent a fortune on a Stella McCartney unicorn-print coverall or pat yourself on the back because you scored an amazing deal on an Old Navy patterned bodysuit, there are always certain outfits that completely encompass everything that is your child. They become your favorite baby clothes. The clothes that have come to define moments in your child's life—moments like their first birthday, or when they crawled under the bed and got stuck, and when they cried all the way down the aisle at your sister's wedding. So what do you do with these things once your child has outgrown them? It's time to get creative and repurpose your baby clothes so that you can enjoy them for years to come.

Make a Quilt: A quilt is a great way to repurpose baby clothes. It can hung up on a wall or used for cuddling up with a good book. Either way, you'll love looking at it and showing your child each meaningful piece.

Image via Oh' Brother!

Christmas Tree Skirt: We love the idea of making your own family Christmas tree skirt. With these DIY patterns, you can simply substitute fabric for your favorite baby clothes. It'll be your favorite time of year when you get to take this out and reminisce.

Image via Sew Festive

Frame Them: This is an adorable idea to decorate your home or even a relative's home. Can you imagine how excited grandma would be to receive a framed outfit that she gave your little one? So creative and thoughtful.

Image via Janet's House

Make Pillows: Precious for your favorite reading chair or an accent in your child's bedroom. Make a bunch of them to create a cozy reading spot for your child.

Image via Uncommon Goods

Flag Banner: An easy way to decorate a child's room with things that are meaningful is to create a banner. Do a combination of baby clothes and things that your child loves (like sports or music).

Image via Etsy

Cleaning Rags: Cloth diapers or burp cloths make THE BEST dust rags. And while it might seem really unsentimental to use them to clean, it's actually a really sweet reminder and makes the unpleasant chore of cleaning a trip down memory lane.

Image via Jake and Diana

Have you repurposed any of your baby's clothes into something special and meaningful? We'd love to hear your creative ideas. Please share in the comments below!

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