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What the Media Gets Wrong About Praising Kids

Last week, the newest headlines about parenting told us that excessive praise can lead our children to narcissism. I instantly felt my heart rate go up.

I quickly read the first article, and it did nothing to abate my fury over the callousness with which the article spouted its premise. By merely praising our children too much, the article stated, we can turn them in narcissists.

In actuality, not many people are narcissists.

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Narcissism, the articles failed to mentions, is a severe mental disorder often caused by horrible childhood neglect.

I know this, as I have dealt with a family member who has this condition . This person's childhood was horrible. I can tell you that severe mistreatment is what has ruined this person's life and left huge voids in others due to it.

I have visions of what happened in this person's childhood, mostly it is of this person crying in a crib, not being cared for. Because of severe neglect, babies and children will begin to make their own coping devices to deal with their sad world.

Devastatingly, these people grow up to be incapable of experiencing true empathy for others. They are furious when confronted. This makes them menaces as parents.

The first article I read said, "Fortunately, this can be cured."

Big Gigantic middle finger to that.

Mental illness is not easy to cure.

Mentally ill people do not want to be helped. At least a lot of them don't. I personally, have tried very hard to help this person. It did not work and now this person is cut off from me.

These articles, with their mocking headlines, are irresponsible.

I secretly and meticulously watched healthy, supportive families growing up and wondered in awe how it was possible to have a home that did not involve so many tears.

These families always seemed to involve rules, laughter and dinners that didn't end in yelling.

And praise, there was praise.

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Our society might have more tendencies towards narcissism, but true narcissists are still rare.

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Image by Lindsay Kavet

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