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11 Things Only Second Time Moms Do

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Congratulations, you're a mom again! You've already been to this rodeo. You're pretty much an expert by now. And this time around, you'll be doing things a bit differently from before, but just like every other second-time mom does.

You're in good company.

Here are the things only second time moms do:

1. Confuse the names of your children.

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You heard your friends do it. You thought: that will never be me. How can she not be able to tell one precious angel from the other?

Now that you're a mom to two, you have even less sleep than you ever thought imaginable. You now have to worry about two tiny little human beings. You can barely remember your own name, much less theirs.

Which one are you again?

2. Diaper bag? What diaper bag?

My first diaper bag was always fully stocked with bottles, diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, poopy diapy bags, burp cloths, muslin blankets, change of clothes and about 100 other things. Once baby number two came around, I was lucky if I left the house with diapers, much less the rest.

3. Let strangers to touch your baby.

Your first kid? You wouldn't let anyone near that precious bundle. Your second kid? You'll let anyone give you a hand.

4. Embrace the mess.

For your first baby, you changed the crib sheet for even the slightest sign of spit up. But it turns out, changing crib sheets is a hard job. Just throw a little burp cloth over the mess and pretend you didn't see it in the first place. Nothing to see here, people.

And let's not even talk about the state of the rest of your house.

5. Confuse the names of your children

Which one are you again?

6. Hand sanitizer? Ha!

First kid? You literally could not buy enough hand sanitizer. Second kid? Unless your guests were in a lab figuring out a cure to ebola, you'll pretty much let them into your house and around your kid.

7. You embrace hand-me-down clothing.

My first kid? No hand-me-downs, thank you very much. Nothing but the best would touch his pristine skin. But this next one? I came to embrace the hand-me-down. Love them, even. After all, those days of the week onesies looked SO CUTE the first time around. Silly to let them go to waste.

8. Fancy clothes? No, thank you.

You learned your lesson. Those expensive, fancy outfits? Yeah, they were completely ruined with spit up, poop, breast milk and formula. Unless it's a holiday, your baby will do just fine in cozy basics. Hey, you're a second-time mom—it's a miracle either of your kids are dressed at all.

9. Confuse the names of your children.
Seriously, which one are you again?

10. Confuse the names of your children.

Can I just call you Kid 1 and Kid 2?

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11. Confuse the names of your children.

Okay, you know what? I get it. I do it, too. Secret confession: sometimes I even get my husband's name mixed up in there.

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