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The Hardest Day of the Week for Stay-at-Home Moms

Photograph by Jay Miranda

Like any other tech-savvy mom, I engage social media on a daily basis and see my friends posting with increased excitement as the weekend approaches. Come Sunday night, like clockwork, these same people lament Monday's imminent lurch forward. I used to do the same, but my experience as a mom has led me to theorize that it is not Monday that is the worst day of the week. Nay, it is Thursday.

Everything falls apart on Thursday.

I burn through my energy Monday through Wednesday while my toddler's levels stay at a relentless maximum all week. I don't think my toddler's disposition is necessarily worse on Thursday, but my ability to gracefully approach a child crying over some minutiae (Why did you move my hat?! Wahhh!) has dramatically diminished.

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By contrast, Mondays are rather pleasant. I've rested over the weekend, my husband was there to parent with me all day and, hopefully, I did something replenishing that helps me get a jumpstart on the week. Mondays are fantastic. Monday's start with pressed juice and an up-and-at-them attitude. Thursdays start with a whimper.

Here's a rundown of events on a typical Thursday:

  1. I'm up at 7 a.m. and fumble through my dresser looking for something comfortable but still appropriate enough to wear to face people out in the world.
  2. I take a quick shower. Wasn't this citrus shower gel supposed to be invigorating?
  3. My daughter is awake and asking for milk, crackers and chocolate. I hand her some milk, and I start to get ready for our weekly mommy-and-me class. Even if I've prepared the night before, it still feels like I'm scrambling.
  4. Daughter nibbles at an English muffin (which she adorably refers to as crumpets), while I watch the clock.
  5. I wipe her down, dress her, sort of comb her hair so no one at class judges me, and we're out the door. At school, we're crafting, playing and singing for a few hours.
  6. When we get home, I make her lunch. The last few weeks she's been skipping naps and, while I can roll with it on a Tuesday, it's too much on Thursday. If she skips her nap, I'm basically holding on until my husband gets home.
  7. Husband gets home and I can finally get tackle some work, since I work from home. However, it's tough to get in a creative mood when you're tired, so it takes me longer to finish any given task on my to-do list. I finish everything, because I'm a mom and we get the job done. I might not get to bed until midnight—but at least Thursday is over.

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On Friday, my schedule is more lax, and I'm excited about being able to spend the weekend with my husband and daughter, so I'm in a good mood.

I'll feel pretty good until next Thursday.

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