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Nutty Alternatives to the Usual Suspects

Peanuts, walnuts and pecans are your go-to nuts for cooking and baking. Why not shake things up by using less common but equally delicious nuts or seeds like macadamia nuts or pepitas? Here are ten ideas for adding a twist to popular recipes with some simple substitutions.

Chocolate Chip Cookies with Pistachios: The pistachios add a new taste plus a fun visual appeal to this old favorite. Check out this recipe.

Image via All Recipes

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Poppy / Sunflower Seed Pancakes: Can someone say "yum"? Next time you take out your griddle for this morning classic, try out this gourmet recipe.

Image via 101 Cookbooks

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Pepita Brittle: Kick up your taste buds a notch with this recipe that uses black pepper, red pepper and cumin.

Image via My Recipes

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble with Pine Nuts: Pine nuts are an interesting alternative to walnuts in this yummy, refreshing recipe.

Image via 101 Cookbooks

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Coffee Streusel Bundt Cake with Hazelnuts: There is a world of options for hazelnuts beyond Nutella! Check out this recipe for a different take on the usual coffee cake.

Macadamia Nut Pie: Shake up your standard pecan pie with this easy-peasy recipe. It won't take you long, and your guests will be impressed with your ingenuity.

Carrot Flax Muffins: Why not incorporate flax seeds—the popular new superfood—into more recipes? Check out this tasty recipe for carrot muffins.

Image via Super Healthy Kids

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Hemp Fudge: Hemp hearts have been hailed as another one of nature's superfoods. Check out this guilt-free alternative to traditional high calorie/sugar fudge.

Banana Chia Seed Cake: There's a cool new kid in town called chia. Rejuvenate your taste buds by replacing walnuts or pecans with chia seeds in this classic favorite.

Image via The Dish

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