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10 Questions with Jeweler Anne Sisteron

When we first were introduced to Anne Sisteron and her eponymous jewelry line, we knew we had found a favorite. The busy mom of two launched the brand after becoming a gemologist, and has been helping celebrities and moms alike stay sparkly with her effortless pieces.

Anne makes beautiful jewels we can wear everyday that fit our busy lifestyle. From dainty pieces that give us an edge (obsessed with this lunette necklace) to timeless pieces with serious sparkle we'll cherish forever, she's got it all. Find out how she keeps it all balanced below!

How did you come up with the concept for your business?

I was a model in New York, Paris and Milan, working for Elite with a great career. At 23, my husband and I moved to L.A. for a dream job for him. At the time, L.A. was NOT a fashion mecca like it is today, and the modeling world was mostly bikini jobs for wanna-be actresses. I had to figure out something else to do! As I have always loved jewelry I decided to attend GIA and become a graduate diamond grader and gemologist.

At what point did you decide to make it a reality?

When I graduated, I was pregnant with my older son, so I put my jewelry world on hold to have him; two years later, my second son was born. When they started preschool I began making a few pieces and selling them to the moms at school. I got more and more orders and made the jewelry when the boys would be napping and when they were in bed at night. It all began very small and grew organically with the time I could give it.

How long did it take for you to be profitable?

As I grew organically, I have been profitable since the beginning as I just kept reinvesting in the business sale by sale.

Was there a moment when you wanted to give up but pushed on through anyway?

I never wanted to give up, but I certainly had to make sacrifices along the way, juggling family life with work life.

At what point did you consider yourself successful?

When I opened my first showroom in Beverly Hills (one day a week) and I could barely cope with the amount of shoppers that came on those days.

How do you balance your work/home life, or is there even such a thing?

While my kids lived at home I always put family first and worked only in their school hours. Now that they are in college I can work full-time (as my husband does) and enjoy the guilt-free feeling of my time really being my time. I waited to launch my website until they were in college and I am thrilled I did that, as I am passionate about my company and would have been so torn if they were still at home.

What was the best advice and worst advice that you've ever received?

I tend to not seek everyone's opinion. I follow my own heart and intuition. That has always worked the best for me. I am lucky that my husband is a venture capitalist, so if I do need help here and there with contracts, etc., he is my wingman.

It takes a village for any mom, but for a mom starting her own business, it must take a huge village. So who are your go-to people/services?

As I said earlier, I always put family first when my kids were young, so I never really felt the need for services.

What do you do to unwind and recharge?

I love to go to island resorts, read on the beach, get massages at the spa—things I no longer have time for in my daily life. It is where I get my best ideas and inspirations.

Finally, take me through a day in your life.

My week is quite structured day by day. I work out three times a week with a trainer as it keeps me strong and balanced. I wake up with my husband around 7 A.M. and we have breakfast together and get ready for our days together. We always have lots to talk about and my time with him is precious to me! Mondays I spend dealing with all the manufacturing side of my business—I manufacture locally in L.A. as well as in Asia and N.Y. Tuesdays I spend the day in my office with my amazing website team. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, I float between my boutique and my .com office which is literally right next door. My sales team gets me if clients need my attention, otherwise I am with the .com team probably 50/50, which makes me really happy to be part of all aspects of my business. We are quite social so are probably out at events, openings and dinner parties 2-3 nights a week. Weekends are for manicures, facials, hair, etc., as I don't have a minute for that during the week. My husband and I go out for lunch on both days, and sometimes see friends at night. Sunday night we tend to stay home, the two of us, cook a nice dinner and watch something like "Downton Abbey."

Images via Anne Sisteron

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