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Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight

Eating chocolate may not be the dietary devil we think it is. It all depends on the type you're indulging in.

According to a recent Germany study, daily cocoa intake (not including milk chocolate) actually correlated with a healthier weight in a group of test subjects who followed an unrestricted diet.

Researchers studied three controlled groups: one with a low-carb diet, a second with a low-carb diet plus 42 grams of chocolate a month, and the aforementioned group with an unrestricted diet.

"Adding chocolate actually helped boost the mood and overall well-being of the control group, adding to the ease of losing weight," as reported in the AOL video.

Another study out of Australia supported this study by finding that those who consume chocolate at least once a month did not have a significant change in their Body Mass Index (BMI).

But seriously, who eats chocolate only once a month?

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Image via seelensturm/Flickr

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