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10 Etsy Babies Who Are So Over It

It's a tough job wearing all the quirky creations that mothers, fathers, grandmothers and little sisters are trying to sell on Etsy. But let's be honest, these Etsy model babies are cooler than any of us will ever be.

Festival Headband Baby

This baby would rather be at Coachella. She does not have time for the shallow frivolities of photographs. She was born to dance.

Image via Luxie Blooms

Side-Eye Pajama Baby

Side-eye is something many adults never master, yet this baby is delivering withering side-eye with ease while modeling his cloud jammies.

Image via Shop Hello Sunday

Hipster Beanie Baby

This hipster baby is thoughtful yet strong, rugged yet sensitive. Ryan Gosling ripped off this baby's signature look.

Image via Luck Lagoon

Fluffy Lion Head Baby

For this baby, her large, fluffy lion hat has become such a big part of her identity that she doesn't even think of it as a hat anymore. She just goes about her busy day as usual.

Image via Thumbelina Workshop

Crochet Beard Baby

Some glorious day, when his hormones catch up with his true self, this baby will have a full lumberjack beard of his own. Until then, this crochet beard will have to do.

Image via Mini Toppers

Pensive Carrot Baby

What does the word "freedom" truly mean? Can the earth ever experience real peace? These are the kinds of things that Pensive Carrot Baby thinks about.

Image via The Costume Cafe

Power Panda Baby

You're intimidated? So is everyone. Power Panda Baby will be all of our bosses someday.

Image via Thumbelina Workshop

Peacocking Baby

Coco Chanel famously advised women, "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off." This baby looks in the mirror and puts three more things on.

Image via Newborn Hair Pretties

Baby Who Does Not Need to Flex

Confidence has never been a problem for this baby. Stare if you must. He'll pretend like he's looking at something "over there."

Image via Little Adam and Eve

Serious Pancake Baby

This baby is having a hard time being taken seriously while dressed as a pancake with a (quite generous portion of) butter hat. She will wait patiently while you try to stop talking about the cuteness. Sigh.

Image via The Costume Cafe

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