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Angora Rabbits Are the Easter Bunny of Your Dreams

"They're generally a pretty mellow rabbit."

That's what one Angora rabbit fancier recently told NYTimes Magazine about her fluffy, docile, long-eared pet for a piece about Agora show rabbits. Just in time for Easter.

The article's author even writes. "I heard about one that supposedly fell out of its cage overnight, landed on the back of a dog and stayed there until morning."

At rabbit shows, Angoras compete win four recognized breeds—English, French, satin and giant. They are also classed by color, age and sex.

The magazine sent artist Andres Serrano to photograph Angora rabbits at a National Angora Show in Palmyra, New York.

"The rabbits were good subjects," Serrano told the Times Magazine. "They didn't move much. They're professionals."

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Image via Bethany Clarke via Getty Images
Images of Angora rabbit breeds courtesy of National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club

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