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Target Store to Launch New Maternal Health Section


Moms and pregnant women will be able to find products for their body with a little more ease now that Target is launching a new pre- and post-natal wellness section that features items like pregnancy care, morning sickness aids, post-partum healing and wellness products, breastfeeding essentials and family care goods.

Beginning April 12, pregnant women and new moms will be able to find belly butter, belly oil, balm, insect repellent and more that is safe for mom and baby, and other things for a new mother's personal care, healthcare and nutrition needs. Be sure to check out for other related items that are only available online.

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The new line of products can be found in nearly 1,000 Target stores across the country, located near the pharmacy and adjacent to the women's health section of the store, sharing an aisle with feminine care/hygiene and sexual health products. You're sure to find all the name brands you love, and new ones that you've never tried but always wanted to.

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