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The 5 Best Busy Mom Hacks Of All Time

Image via The Cheese Thief

Painted Nails: Did you paint your nails but soon realized you need to pick the kids up from school asap? Spray a little Pam onto just polished nails to prevent smudging.

Image via Lauren Conrad

Deodorant Stain: In an attempt to hide odors, your roll-on rolled itself onto your dress leaving a white mark. To remove the offensive mark, gently rub the stain with a dryer sheet.

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Breakfast Made Easy: Rather than act like a sous chef in the morning, eliminate breakfast chaos by making overnight oats. The yummy smell just might get those late-to-rise kids out of bed on their own volition.

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Clean Sweep: Rather than store cleaning supplies under different sink, in various closets or all over the house, stash them in a tote-able bucket so you can carry them around from room to room as needed.

Image via Child Mode

Dinner Magic: Have loads of leftovers and little bits of fruit, veggies, and other random items taking up space in you refrigerator? Fill ice cube trays with the various options! Not only is it a fun way to display the food, edamame never looked so good.

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