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DIY Podcasts: Make Your Own Show

I am late to the world of podcasts, but I started listening to "Serial" last month and became enamored. If you are like me—or like I was—you might think podcasts are intimidating. Are you also afraid of elevators? Great, we are in the same boat.

Let's stay on course. And get you on podcasts.

Here's how I listened to my first podcast: I downloaded the app called "Podcasts."

Stay with me.

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Then I searched for "Serial." It popped right up.

I hooked my iPhone up to my car via my regular way of charging my car and pushed play. Then I drove and did not touch it (I don't touch my phone while driving). The sound came out of my iPhone, but if you are technical, you can easily get it to play out of your speakers of your car.

It was that easy.

"Serial" was free and most podcasts seem to be free. Once, I got that accomplished, my long drives in Los Angeles could not be long enough.

Then I discovered Canadian mom Tally Abecassis and her podcast, "First Day Back." It's about her return to the working world as a filmmaker after taking six years off to raise her two young boys. "First Day Back" is a documentary podcast that follows Abecassis as she faces the challenges of picking up her career after an extended maternity leave. The narrative takes a real-life look at motherhood, gender roles, and work-life balance in a voice that is serious, funny and sometimes touching.

This time I just played it off of her website on my computer and folded laundry. Her podcast is extremely well done. If you are considering producing a podcast you should listen to it.

There are tons of great podcasts out there and lots of space for more content around motherhood. I'll admit, it was a New Year's idea for me to make my show into a Podcast, but I decided to focus on ridding myself of my somewhat all consuming anxiety and keep my plate less full.

That's it, it really could not be more simple, and I can't believe I didn't listen to podcasts earlier.

As far as making your own podcast, you'll just need a computer and a mic. Then, start talking. You can use Garage Band to record your voice, do some editing, upload it to Apple. Make some artwork for it and ta-da! You are producing a Podcast.

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There is plenty of space out there for more podcasts. Especially yours.

Happy listening, ladies.

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Image by Lindsay Kavet

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