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Serenade Your Mami!

Photograph by Twenty20/ben_cp

What better way to celebrate your mother than with a good old-fashioned serenata? If hiring actual mariachi isn't practical or in your budget, ¡no te preocupes! If you and your siblings are musically talented then you could serenade her yourself. If neither of those options work, there's always the boombox-in-outstretched-arms method made popular by John Cusack in "Say Anything." The important thing is picking just the right song to convey what you feel in your heart. Here are a few classic suggestions to consider:

"Te Lo Pido Por Favor" by Juan Gabriel

With lyrics like "Tú me sabes bien cuidar, Tú me sabes bien guiar... ¿Cómo te puedo pagar?" (You know how to care for me so well, you know how to guide me so well… How can I repay you?) this song is perfect for a mother who has been a constant guiding force in your life and expresses how much you feel indebted to her.

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"Para Siempre" by Vicente Fernandez

What mother doesn't love Chente? If you've had some past problems with your mom but want to let her know you'll always love her, this song is a good pick for you. And please don't listen to anyone who tells you to choose "Madrecita Querida!" If you pay attention to the lyrics, you'll see that despite the nice title, "Madrecita Querida" isn't an appropriate choice for anyone in a loving marriage. Hint: In that song, he apologizes to his mother for having chosen a "traitor" over her!

"Aunque No Sea Mayo" by Gabriel Arriaga

Well, it actually will be May when we celebrate Mother's Day, but that's OK. Everything else about this song is perfect for the occasion, as it was written specifically to be sung as a serenade to mothers.

"Mi Cariñito" by Pedro Infante

I love seeing Pedro Infante sing to Sara García when she's playing the part of the "abuela" in classic Mexican films such as "Los Tres García." The song "Mi Cariñito" was one he sang in multiple films, and it's super sweet.

"Por el Amor a Mi Madre" by Antonio Aguilar

We can't mention favorites like Pedro Infante and Vicente Fernandez, and then leave out Antonio Aguilar. "Por El Amor a Mi Madre" is a fun one for your mamá if you've finally decided to give up a life of partying that she doesn't really approve of — at least that's what the lyrics are about, just so you know what you're getting into!

"Mamá" by Aida Cuevas

"Mujer con bandera y fusil, capaz de dar la vida por mi," (Woman with a flag and a rifle, capable of giving her life for me) — Does that describe your mamá? Supportive of everything you do, ready to defend you no matter what?

"A Esa Mujer" by Mariachi Medellín

A really lovely tribute in classic mariachi-style.

"A Ti Mamá" by Mariachi Diamante

This is a beautiful slow-paced song originally written and performed by Cristian Castro for his mother, but don't choose it unless you want to really make your mother cry, (and speaking from experience, it might be a nostalgic, sad cry instead of a happy cry).

"Amor de Madre" by Victor Manuelle

Another tearjerker. You've been warned!

"Te Amo Mamá" by Los Bukis

The lyrics to this entire song say everything a mother would ever want to hear. It doesn't get much better than this.

"Gracias Madrecita" by Tito Nieves

Does your mami prefer tropical music? Go with this one by "El Pavarotti de la Salsa," Tito Nieves. It starts off a little slow but when it picks up, you won't be able to stop yourself or your mother from dancing through the rest of the song.

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