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'Healthy' Snack Bars Aren't So Good for You

Think you're getting ahead of the game when you eat those meal-in-one snack bars? Think again.

It's recently been revealed that the popular KIND brand food bar is actually too high in saturated fat to meet the federal government's requirements on what's considered healthy.

"So many of these breakfast bars and and things like that that are out there we think are healthy, but we find out we have been deceived," said Dr. Mike Fenster, a cardiologist, chef and author of "The Fallacy of The Calorie."

Even instant oatmeal is a risk, since it's got so much sugar. Fenster recommends steel-cut oatmeal instead. You also want yogurt that is low sugar with active cultures, like the probiotic kefir. Avoid artificial sweeteners, which can affect the microbes in your gut.

Also, be sure to pass over dressings and opt for olive oil, vinegar, salt, sugar or squeezed lemon. And finally, always do your best to avoid processed meat, which has been shown in study after study to correlate with heart disease and cancer.

If you're guilty of the aforementioned food follies, worry not! Two servings a week of fresh berries can reduce your chance of developing Alzheimer's disease by almost 50 percent. It's an excellent way to start taking steps on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

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Image via AOLonVideo

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