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Every mom—each one of us—knows texting and driving is a no-no. It's dangerous. It puts the lives of our kids at risk. It puts our own lives and the lives of others in danger every time we look down at the screen and start typing.

And yet, we're still doing it.

In fact, we're still doing a lot of things with our phones while we drive, elevating the risk that we'll be involved in an accident.

Because April is Distracted Driving month, commissioned a survey of moms to find out how we're using our phones while behind the wheel. The results show that, as a whole, we're pretty distracted.

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Moms from 30 to 44 years old use phones more while driving than any other demographic. Nearly 65 percent of us are making calls while driving—something hands-free devices have made alluring but that studies show don't make us safer. Over half are using phones for getting directions or as a GPS (the Waze app is a lifeline for many of us long-distance commuters). Just a quarter of us refuse to use phones while sitting behind the wheel. found, however, that more than one-third of moms read and send text messages while driving. And 15 percent are checking email. Email!

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Countless efforts are underway to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving in general, and texting and driving in particular.

Read's report on distracted driving, including strategies for ending these dangerous habits. Keep one mom's story in mind; she lives on both sides of the texting-and-driving nightmare: Her husband was killed by a driving who was texting, and her son was also behind the wheel, texting, when he caused a fatal accident.

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