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12 Times I Lied to My Kids

Moms don't want to lie to their kids. Of course we don't. But being in the trenches of motherhood is hard, and, sometimes, it's all about survival. Sometimes, a little white lie wouldn't hurt anyone.

Here are the 11 times I lied to my kids:

1. Mommy isn't in the mood for eggs

No, Mommy just hates eggs but wants you to eat them.

2. Daddy already ate all of his vegetables

Actually, Daddy hates vegetables, but we don't want you to know that and have an excuse to skip eating yours.

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3. The playground is "closed"

Mommy's tired.

4. The television is broken

Don't you want some peace and quiet, too?

5. Mommy loves animals

Mommy hates animals, but she just doesn't want you to be scared.

6. It's bedtime

Okay, no, it's actually an hour earlier. But I just need for you guys to go to bed already.

7. I'll be right back to check on you. Just close your eyes and stay in bed until I get back

Are you asleep yet? Not yet? Now are you asleep? Now? Now?


8. You won!

Because I let you win. Can we please do something else now?

9. This is your older cousin's favorite thing to eat

Now you'll eat it, right?

10. This is your older cousin's favorite thing to wear

Now you'll wear it, right?

11. I guess the toy got lost

I definitely did not throw it away. I mean, what kind of mother would I be if I threw out a toy? Even if it did make that super-annoying sound.

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12. We're all out of chocolate. I guess you finished it yesterday

I ate it all last night. Don't judge me. Being mom can be hard. Chocolate helps.

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