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Editor's Obsessions: Mother's Day

1. "Flamingo" by Lola Donahue $119 2. Penguin Bright Classics, $20 3. Beats by Dre Wireless Headphones, $300 4. Starburst Bookends, $75 5. Neon Piping Napkins, $36 6. Rhys Chair, $2498 7. New Balance Sneakers, $70 8. Jewelry Holder, $60 9. The Boss Notebook, $20 10. Maggie Louise Confections, $48

We know that this Mother's Day you'll get the usual framed sentiments, floral scarves and mountains of tea but don't forget to give yourself a little something too. You've probably spent the past year cutting corners for yourself so the rest of the family could get what they want. It's time to reward yourself for the countless hours you worked, laundered, cleaned, cooked and forwent sleep in favor of looking after everyone else. These items are a little bit luxe, swoon-worthy and definitely more useful than another "world's best" mug.

While you probably have loads of photos of your kids sprinkled around your home (who are in and of themselves works of art—awww!), what every home needs is real artwork for a warm, lived-in feel. This piece by Lolo Donahue on Etsy is a goes-with-every decor style workhorse. The beauty of it is, every time you take a look, it's like an excuse to daydream. Prescription? Look at daily.

Books are never boring and these specially commissioned Penguin Classics have been made over in bright colors for a display-worthy collection any avid reader would love to receive.

Sometimes mama needs her quiet time too. Get the gold standard with these wireless headphones (why bother with all those wires?) by Beats by Dr. Dre.

Desk and bookcase accessories always seem to lose their spot to kids toys and Star Wars figures. Help reclaim your space with these starburst bookends that are glamorous with a "keep your hands off my stuff" appeal.

Remember the days when you would dine with real, proper napkins? You can again and these Neon Piping napkins are a great way to introduce the fun of linens to the rest of the family. Or save them just for yourself. We totally get it.

Seems like everyone in the family has a room, a cave, a chair. Now it's your turn. This Rhys Chair, made in leather (easy to clean when those sticky monsters try to claim it for themselves) is a sturdy and comfortable option that will only get better with age—like you.

Running around, keeping up with the Kardashians—wait, I meant, keeping up with the kids is tough on your feet. Dress to impress without losing a step in too-cool-for-school sneakers like these from New Balance in Vintage Indigo.

If you are like me, you take your wedding ring off to wash your hands or bathe the kids and forget about putting it back on your finger. Makes for a totally awkward moment when your little big kid hands them back to you in front of the husband and says he found them lying around. Avoid awkward moments by picking up a super cute ring holder like this one that looks like a succulent. Even better for those of us who don't have the time to keep plants alive.

As CEOs of our domain, we sometimes lose rank to all the louder, whinier demands. Tuck this notebook into your purse and at least you can remind yourself that you really are the boss.

And yes, there is chocolate. But this chocolate is not for the kind of consumption when you hide in the grocery store parking lot stuffing a couple of peanut butter cups into your mouth before picking up the kids. This is the kind that deserves its own space and time. The kind you nibble over a glass of wine or over a cup of coffee whenever you have the time to appreciate not only the artistic quality of the design but the actual taste of it. Remember when you tasted food rather than just swallowed it? This is the kind you bite into and close your eyes and imagine the type of life … the type of life that you actually have.

Happy Mother's Day, mamas!

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