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10 Ways to Thank Military Spouses

The Friday before Mother's Day is known as Military Spouse Appreciation Day or Military Spouse Day. The day was started in 1984 by former President Ronald Reagan and serves as a time to recognize the contributions and support of the spouses of servicemembers. For 2015, Military Spouse Appreciation Day will be Friday, May 8.

Here are 10 ways to celebrate that special significant other in your military life.

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1. Breakfast in bed

A great way to kick off the day is by serving your military spouse a wonderful homemade meal. Prepare all the favorites for a perfect meal to start off the day.

2. Movie marathon

With so many movie options available, you can create a theme for your military spouse. The theme could be their favorite movies, military-related movies, superhero movies, romantic comedies, etc. There's enough out there for a full day of binge watching.

3. Get pampered

A day at the spa is perfect to pay a military spouse back for all of ways he or she pampers you. Before you balk at spa prices, ask if they're running any specials. If it's still too pricy, an in-home spa day with a massage will also do the trick.

4. A day together

Choose a favorite hobby and then plan to incorporate it into your day. Set aside other plans and make today an adventure doing whatever your spouse wants to do.

5. Learn something new

A cooking class, a painting class, a dance class: if your military spouse is up to it, sign up for a class so you can learn a new skill together. Make it a family outing to add some more quality time in.

Sometimes, a simple "thank you" is enough to show appreciation to your military spouse.

6. Restaurant

Take your spouse out to a favorite restaurant. You could also try something new and different together and make a memory out of it.

7. Give the military spouse a day off

This might be the best gift of all. No major chores or responsibilities. Have the rest of the family or friends pitch in so your military spouse has no worries at all.

8. DIY and crafts

If your military spouse has had a project on the backburner for awhile, now would be a great occasion to set aside some time so he or she may finish it. Or you can browse the internet and find some creative crafts or DIY projects to make together.

9. Token of appreciation

Flowers, cards or a gift card can make a great gift for your military spouse. Pay attention to any hints he or she may drop, such as needing new clothes or wanting a new product.

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10. Keep it simple

Sometimes, a simple "thank you" is enough to show appreciation to your military spouse. While they may not serve in the military themselves, they still do a lot to support your family and your military career. A little "I love you" goes a long way.

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