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How One Military Mom Eases Reunion Jitters

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The joy of welcoming home a deployed family member is unlike any other. As spouses and loved ones count down the days until they're reunited, excitement and anticipation can be at an all-time high.

To help ease your nerves, here are 7 things spouses can do to get ready for a military homecoming.

1. Have multiple outfits ready

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Having a cute outfit is a great way to welcome home your service member. So you'll want to have options for anything that may come up. Keep in mind the weather, environment and comfort level. If you have multiple outfits on hand, you can keep them in the car in case you need to change.

2. Waterproof make-up

Be prepared for the elements. If homecoming is outdoors, it may be rainy or humid—don't cake it on. Having weather-resistant makeup (along with a small kit for touch-ups) will come in handy.

3. Cellphone, charged and ready

If you don't already have the FRG leader or ombudsman contact information in your phone, try to do so before homecoming. There have been many times when there have been last-minute information updates or changes to the homecoming schedule or location. Having that contact information, as well as a charged phone, can help communication be as smooth as possible.

What better way for your service member to spot you in the crowd than to have a great sign?

4. Comfortable shoes

Military homecoming schedules can be tricky. More often than not, homecomings tend to be delayed for whatever reason. Time of delay can range from a few minutes to hours on end. As much as you love those platform heels, have a pair of comfy flip-flops on hand to help save your soles.

5. Hire a photographer

With the chaos that can happen when service members are released, the last thing you'll want to worry about is getting photos of that special moment. Hiring a photographer—or bringing a friend who can take photos—will check one item off of the box. You'll also get a great memento to last for a lifetime.

6. Make a sign

What better way for your service member to spot you in the crowd than to have a great sign? This is an awesome way to get the kids involved as well. Creating a military homecoming sign is a great personal touch to welcome your loved one home.

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7. Snacks and activities for kids

As mentioned before, homecomings can be delayed up to hours. If you have children, you will want some snacks and activities to keep them occupied—just in case. Keep the items and activities as low mess as possible. You wouldn't want to welcome the deployed parent home to a messy kid.

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