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'Grey's' Tragic Ending Makes Me Happy

SPOILER ALERT: Dr. McDreamy died in a preventable distracted driving crash.

"Grey's Anatomy" might have just given the distracted driving advocates the biggest PSA they've ever had.

In the show, McDreamy begins to make a U-turn when he hears his phone ring and goes to answer it. A huge truck plows into his car and ultimately kills him.

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Do you know how rare that is? I don't think I've actually ever seen that happen before in a TV show or a movie. Car crashes that kill off the main character are usually written in a way that makes them unavoidable way, meaning, not a beloved character's fault.

This was clearly McDreamy's fault.

A hunky, healthy, married-to-his-soul-mate with two adorable kids kind of guy, and he wasted it all to answer his phone. The significance of this should not go un-talked about.

Who knew that Grey's Anatomy might have just given the distracted driving advocates the biggest PSA they've ever had.

I am a road safety advocate myself, and a lot of us in that mindframe feel like we are beating our heads agasint the door. Something like this is a gift.

It's also great that it was not due to texting. A lot of attention has been given to texting and driving, but people don't want to hear about not talking on their phones. It's dangerous and kills a lot of people.

I'm not a "Grey's Anatomy" fan, but I did end up watching that episode the night it aired. I have to say I was so happy that he died that way.

The reality is far too many people die this way. Car crashes are a global epidemic that is only predicted to get worse. Ask yourself, can you really not stay off your phone while driving?

McDreamy's answer was no, he could not stay off his phone. The consequences for him, while full-on drama, are a dramatic reality for far too many.

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Who knew that "Grey's Anatomy" would be the voice for distracted driving advocacy? A drama-filled and emotional PSA that will, hopefully, remind drivers to stay off their phones—not just for texting, but for talking, GPSing, finding great music, all of it. When you're driving, you just need to drive.

McDreamy died in a preventable distracted driving crash. Now, he's just a dream.

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Image by Kelsey McNeil/IMDB

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