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9 Brilliant Mom Chefs on Instagram

I'll admit it: I'm trapped in a food rut with my two young kids. Food ruts are tasteless, guilt-inducing places. Yet, there I was once again at dinner last night, dishing up a plate of frozen mini meatballs and peas to my toddler while reaching for the same bland, prepackaged food pouch for my 6-month-old.

Food ruts are easy to fall into, especially when cooking for a toddler whose fickle tastes can make doing anything more complicated than opening the microwave feel like an absolute exercise in futility.

Luckily, a group of moms more gutsy than I are chronicling their adventures in baby and toddler meal planning by posting drool-inducing photos and recipes to Instagram under hashtags like #babyfoodideas, #toddlerfoodideas and #blw (baby-led weaning).

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Few of these moms are professional chefs. Instead, they concoct kid meals and snacks with ingredients you likely already have on hand and that can be done with relative ease.

For the last seven weeks, a global group of moms calling themselves the "InstaWeanTeam" has issued a cooking challenge to other moms by posting a single ingredient or theme that everyone is encouraged to use that week. The idea is to get kids enjoying healthy foods as they wean onto solid foods around 6 months and into toddlerdom and kidhood. You can follow along under the #instaweanteam hashtag. I warn you: It's addicting! Avocado this week? Sure, my toddler has refused it the last 1,000 times I've tucked it onto her plate, but this Instagram mom rolled bananas in avocado and her toddler scarfed it down. I can do this, too! See? Addicting.

So check out the nine Instagram mom chefs below to inspire a few new meals for your fickle crew. Goodbye fish sticks, and hello cauliflower cheese bread!

1. @easytoddlermeals

This mom dishes out some of the prettiest baby and toddler meals on Instagram.

Sweet Potato Bites

Image via Instagram/easytoddlermeals

2. @naturallynourishedkid

Healthy and simple ingredients star in this mom's kitchen.

Preschooler's Bento Box Lunch with Tuna and Spinach Cakes

Image via Instagram/naturallynourishedkid

3. @foodwritermom

You'll find both kid and grown-up recipes here—all with a gourmet twist.

Mini Spinach Pancakes Topped with Chocolate Sauce and Strawberries

Image via Instagram/foodwritermom

4. @babyfoodideas and @kidfoodideas

Cooking for a baby plus a toddler or preschooler? This mother of two posts scrumptious ideas for both stages under her two accounts.

Banana, Apple, Dragon Fruit Ice Pop with Raw Beet Slivers

Image via Instagram/babyfoodideas

5. @bitesfortots

Expect fresh takes on comfort food for toddlers and babies from @bitesfortots and meals and snacks suitable for those following a baby-led weaning approach. The occasional scoop of Nutella also finds its way into this mom's mixing bowl!

Cauliflower Cheese Bread

Image via Instagram/bitesfortots

6. @babyfooduniverse and @Toddlerfoodideas

Inventive yet simple and healthy meals are the stars of this Danish mom's two-kid recipe accounts. Plus her pretty plating ideas will woo even the fussiest toddler.

Vegetables With Brown Rice Puree

Image via Instgram/babyfooduniverse

7. @bramblebites_

A member of the #InstaWeanTeam, this Scottish mum makes it all seem too easy!

Easy Peanut Noodles with Vegetables

Image via Instagram/bramblebites_

8. @kajesfoodadventure

No time to cook at all? This mom isn't afraid to grab items from the fridge or to mix in premade with homemade toddler and baby food. Dessert? She often adds a handful of berries to the plate. Bon appétit!

Store-Bought Ravioli with Homemade Butternut Squash Sauce and a Side of Shrimp, Spinach and Squash

Image via Instagram/kajesfoodadventure

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9. @zekes_treats

Sometimes when faced with a picky eater or just the same old menu, the best thing to do is to have a little fun! This mom uses cookie cutters or simply arranges her toddler's food into faces, letters or smile-inducing shapes like stars, hearts and butterflies.

Cheese and Egg Muffins with a Banana Smile

Image via Instagram/zekes_treats

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