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Props to Rachel Zoe for Opening an Office Nursery

Bravo Rachel Zoe! She may be best known as a stylist and a designer, but she can also add "forward-thinking businesswoman" to her résumé. She climbed the fashion ladder without forgetting that it takes a village to make it to the top. And she recently took a huge step in thanking the people that helped her get to where she is today, she opened an office nursery.

Last year, five of her employees became mothers. Instead of mapping out plans on how to get coverage for their roles, juggle responsibilities and Band-Aid together all of their projects, Zoe did the logical thing—she opened an office nursery.

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Her goal was simple. Give her employees the best of both worlds: motherhood and a career. No need to make a choice. No guilt. No second-guessing. Simply create an environment where everyone wins.

Zoe herself grew the company from a handful of people to over 40 while having kids by her side, so why not offer her employees the same opportunity? She calls it a "luxury," because unfortunately in today's workplace such thinking is a luxury. But she's making it the norm at Rachel Zoe Studio.

Change is coming. It's happening slowly, but this is an amazing time to be part of that change and progress.

As you can imagine, the results are worth the investment on Zoe's part. Her staff is motivated and committed. They don't have to worry about work-life balance, they are living proof that it can work in harmony. They are able to spend time with their babies during these early formative years and advance their careers simultaneously. They embody the word "village."

Zoe says, "In light of the controversies surrounding unequal pay and other forms of gender discrimination, I feel good sending the message to my team that they work for a company that supports and celebrates who they are in their personal lives and that we aren't afraid to let those truths influence the culture in the office in order to make us more productive and happy on the whole."

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She suggests that women speak up and ask their employers to help them be the best employees possible. Whether that be healthcare, benefits, a nursery or a flexible work environment. Unfortunately this isn't realistic with most employers. Her company and way of thinking is something we wish could be available to every woman who wants to work outside of the home.

Her advice, "Never apologize for being dedicated to your kids and challenge those around you to not only acknowledge, but celebrate your ability to be a mother and an asset in the workplace."

Change is coming. It's happening slowly, but this is an amazing time to be part of that change and progress. Keep asking. Keep pushing. Keep proving that women are assets.

Image via Instagram/Rachel Zoe

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