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10 Signs You're a Big Sister

I may be all grown up and a mother with a family of my own, but you just never really outgrow those old family roles, do you? I am an older sister through and through, there's no way to hide it.

Here are 10 things we big sisters can't help but do:

1. We always think we're right

Well, I am right most of the time. All of the time. A lot of the time.

2. It's our way or the highway

Sure, I've mellowed out as the years have drawn on, but I do like getting my way. Doesn't everyone? Just older sisters, you say? That may be true, but usually my way is the best (see No. 1).

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3. We have to take care of everyone

When you have a little sibling, you feel this need to take care of him. Even though my little brother has a wife and a family of his own, whenever he's at my house, I have this need to make sure he's well fed.

4. We are perfectionists

Why wouldn't you want everything to be perfect if it can be? After all, before my little brother came along, everything was perfect and in exactly the right place. Is it so wrong to be an adult who wants things in their perfect place?

5. We're totally Type A

Is there any other way? Why not be organized, mature and self-disciplined?

6. We don't like surprises—or change

Why don't you run that by me first? We first borns don't necessarily go with the flow, but hey—we've so meticulously planned everything, there's no need to! (See Nos. 3, 4 and 5.)

7. We have a healthy fear of dangerous activities

So, maybe we won't be the first in line for that bungee jump or skydive, but is that a bad thing? Don't you know that those things could totally kill you? And, really, what would you do without us?

8. We're respectful of authority

Well, yes, of course we are. Why wouldn't we be? All that time alone with mommy before my little brother came along got me used to a certain standard.

9. We're people pleasers

Isn't it nice when everyone's happy?

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10. We always think we're right

Because, truthfully, we totally are.

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